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Hey Folks, Stripe and I would like to thank all of our fans and supporters for following the Tip & Stripe fan page on Facebook. We have been talking with our creator, no not God, Erik Brush, and we asked him if we could have our own page on his Shark Blog? He told us it would be fine even though he said it was just a test run. So we need you guys to stare at our pictures, enjoy them, spend time with us, and keep visiting. Right now there are over 70 cartoons in the series. Will will be posting more here, old and new. So thank you all for coming to see us. You totally rock! And if you have interesting suggestions for our series, pass it along to the creator and maybe Erik will sketch your idea into one of our cartoon appearances. Thanks so much! We love you guys! Keep reading and spread the word! Tip & Stripe.

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